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Animation, and song are good, but the lyrics and theme should have been different sadly.

Way too many negative vibes from the theme and lyrics.
Animation was crisp, song was catchy and good, but a bit quiet.

So to sum up;
animation great
sound good but low volume, bad lyrics
theme so so

Pretty dang good

Well, random humour always gets plus points in my book. I liked the short sketch type material you use here, very nice graphics style and put together.

Voted 5

Very nice

Well where shall we start :)

First time I saw this series and I loved it right away, some of the mouth/sound synching are excellently made and the same goes for some choices in the sound being used.

Personal favorite must have been; tell you what I want, wonderboy and then grown man

Very nice use of existing animations, some sounds were so so but overall an excellent flash-series.

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A few bugs

Noticed a bug where the ranged professions would start firing in only one direction, shooting left and never right.

Overall a nice game, but you should perhaps let people add more skillpoints when they level up.

Sexy and interesting

Well, its a nice followup to the first game, could have had a few more scenes in it, but the storymode made a nice impression.

Keep making these, very nice work.

Very nice, few suggestions though

Not sure if it was just me, but when I chose Other and saw a hentai-scene it just ended? Would have been nice to come back to the menu after the hentai-scene and keep going until day 51.

Maybe would be nice to have more use of intelligence/charm than now also, strength and chakra played a huge role in the beginning. Would be nice with a bit more hentai in the final scenes also, but overall a very nice little game.

Very difficult questions most of the time, even for someone who has watched all episodes and so.

Also would be awesome if you could take on more difficult missions than just D, seeing as stats are very impressive after you maxed them out.

Not quite sure what the meaning of spar was...

Since nobody actually reads the personal texts I can pretty much put whatever I want in here ;) In case you DO read this, congratulations, you're an inquisitive person. You get pie, happy now?

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